WLNG – proposed LNG tanker route

With this interactive map you can sail through this Átl’ḵa7tsem / Howe Sound map and click on any marker or line you like and an information balloon will pop up.

  • Open the map’s legend by clicking the square left of the map’s title: ‘No LNG Tanker in Howe Sound.’.
  • Change to satellite view by clicking the greenish square in the bottom left corner of the map’s legend.
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Map not showing?
There seems to be conflict when you are logged into your google account and you try to access this Google map. (Google bug!)

To get around this problem:

  • Sign-out of your Google account. (On some computers, smartphones you have to clear the browsing history),
  • Reload the map page.
  • Still not working? Try this link
  • .

Please email us if you have issues with accessing the map: info at ccbowen dot ca

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