Globally three ship accidents in three months

3 ship accidents in just 3 months

Update March 2024 – TERMPOL review still not done, while LNG project has started construction. A TERMPOL review done by the Transport Canada would give some insights into the risks communities in Howe Sound could possibly be exposed to, when large LNG carriers will sail back and forth to LNG export project current under construction in the north end of Howe Sound.

World wide we have seen three ship accidents in different countries in the last three months. Read CTV report here.

And yes, since our last update in 2018 on this topic – and multiple Ministers later, we have been asking Transport Canada and the Minister responsible for that TERMPOL review to be done. But little to no response as of yet – we are still waiting – as TERMPOL reviews have to be initiated by a project’s proponent, in this case Woodfibre LNG. And the company so far hasn’t. It also would be to no avail as its TERMPOL review would be limited to navigational risks within its project boundaries. A risk assessment for Howe Sound Biosphere communities and ferry- and all other water traffic, posed by large LNG carries that would be frequenting the LNG export terminal is therefore still not done. And might never be done.

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