Fixed link to Sunshine Coast

We are asked to comment on an feasibility study for several fixed link options to the Sunshine Coast. The study includes only the costs of construction, and ignores any costs to the environment, tourism, marine resources, and the effects of increased car traffic on BC’s carbon footprint.

Q: What is the ‘fixed link’ to the Sunshine coast?
A: For some year, some residents and businesses on the Sunshine Coast have been talking about the idea to build a roadway to connect the Sunshine Coast to Lower Mainland highway network.

Q: Are there any options other than roadway considered in this study?
A: No.

Q: Is outcome of this consultation binding?
A: Public comments can be submitted until 8 November and will be considered. What role they play in the final report to the ministry is unclear.

We have big questions about the validity of this ‘public consultation’ process.

Q: Who is in charge of the process? Is it an independent process?
A: The Ministry of Transport is in charge, deciding on one of its own projects. The BC Liberal party has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from road-builders since 2005.

Q: Who decides which public comments are considered and which not?
A: The consultant writing the final report will, but it is unclear how this is done.

Q: Is the provided evaluation of the options sound?
A: At this point it should be considered seriously inadequate.

For example: The esthetic effects of two very large bridges for the ‘Langedale-Bridge-Link’ option via Anvil Island is marked as ‘neutral’, when they would clearly alter the view-scape from all angles.

For example: Both ‘Langedale-Bridge-Link’ and ‘Langdale Roadlink’ options would have disastrous effects on McNab Creek. The ‘Langdale Roadlink will be very destructive for Herring Spawn around the Woodfibre site. Both are marked as ‘better’ in the review.

You can submit your comments until November 8 2016!

To review the Fixed link options and to submit comments, do a survey, to look up the dates for the information session on the Sunshine coast, please visit the Ministry of Transport Fixed Link webpage.

We like to hear from you what you think about the possibility of this project to go through.

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