“Sorry Woodfibre, the approvals are inadequate.”

Please note that the online version of our letter to the Editor was changed by the newspaper without our consent. The newspaper has done so under legal threats from Woodfibre LNG. The online version line had the following sentence removed from the second paragraph:

“There was no action taken by this department [Department of Fisheries and Oceans] when Woodfibre LNG misrepresented Herring spawn information in its Environmental Assessment application.”

Please find the scan of the printed letter as it was published in the Bowen island Undercurrent of August 19 2016 below:


Please find the correction without our consent that published by the Bowen Island Undercurrent under threat of legal action by Woodfibre LNG below:


Link to the online censored letter:

Bowen Island Undercurrent: LETTER – Sorry Woodfibre, the approvals are inadequate, August 2016

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