Orcas spotted in Howe Sound

This is what we do it for, to give Voice to this!

  • Friday noon June 24 2016 – Passengers on the Queen of Capilano Ferry to Bowen Island spot 2 Orca’s swimming in between Bowen Island and Horseshoe Bay. Everyone swarmed to one side of the ship not to miss the show. Camera’s click, phone call made, reports given to loved ones.
  • Friday afternoon February 12 2016, John Buchanan spotted this pod of six Orcas traveling back and forth between Defense Island and the Woodfibre site, hunting in front of Foulger Creek and Woodfibre.

Pacific Herring is very important for the return of Salmon, Dolphins, Orcas, Grey and Humpback whales.

John has been observing Herring spawn around the Woodfibre site since 2011, the first year he took his initiative all the way along the shores of North Howe Sound.

Check out John’s survey work report 2010 – 2015
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