Order your copy of Whale in the Door by Pauline Le Bel

Pauline Le Bel’s most recent book of literary non-fiction is ‘Whale in the Door: A Community Unites to Protect BC’s Howe Sound’.

This wonderful beautifully written book has received great reviews.

Order your copy through Chapters-Indigo or from your local bookstore Phoenix On Bowen.

Pauline will be reading on the following dates:

Foreword by Elizabeth May and photos by Rich Duncan, it is a book that has helped me fall in love with Atl’Kitsem / Howe Sound, a spectacular fjord in Vancouver’s backyard.

From Chris Corrigan’s review in the Bowen Island Undercurrent:
Whale in the Door: A Community Unites to Protect BC’s Howe Sound is a tour through the current state of the fjord where we make our home. Part documentary, part journal, part myth, Howe Sound herself is a central character in the book, constantly singing in Pauline’s ear hints and clues for her own journey of learning about this place, in this time. Along the way, she catches fragments of story and song from those that make their place here, from port managers to citizen scientists, from activists and leaders to the creatures themselves that live in the sea and forests of our inlet.

  • The Undercurrent: A Howe Sound story, Le Bel uses traditional story to launch into a tale of resurgence and renewal, September, 2017
  • Vancouver Sun: Q&A: Whale in the Door: Protecting Howe Sound author Pauline Le Bel, September 2017
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